Weekly overview including salmon lice, diseases and countermeasures down at locality level. 
Wave forecast for particularly vulnerable areas and stretches along the Norwegian coast. 
See fishing relevant map informastion from Norwegian authorities and download files for use in chartplotter.
View and search Norwegian ports based on their facilities.
Automatically updated forecast for the Saltstraumen tidal current the coming 48 hours.
Receive polar low forecasts and warnings by sms or e-mail. The season spans from October to May.


An interactive map produced by BarentsWatch for its Fish Health service charts important indicators for the physical condition of stocks in Norway’s aquaculture industry.

Norway may have extensive sea areas, but conflicts nevertheless arise over their use. Co-existence is vital if several industries are to exploit the potential of these waters.

The Arctic is the area around the North Pole. But there is no simple definition of exactly what area the Arctic encompasses ­– rather, there are several such definitions.

Technical solutions from BarentsWatch are set to help an analysis unit at the Vardø vessel traffic service (VTS) centre in northern Norway with exposing illegal activity on the high seas.


BarentsWatch is a collaboration between government agencies and research institutions working to collect, develop and share knowledge of coastal and marine areas close to Norway.


Ten ministries and 25 government agencies and research institutes stands behind BarentsWatch. The Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA) is our host agency.