Escapes of farmed fish

Escapes from fish farms along the coast are a major challenge for the aquaculture industry, management and the environment. 

Last changed: 12. November 2018

About us

BarentsWatch will collect, develop and share information about Norwegian coastal and marine areas.

Last changed: 23. February 2018

Species on the move

The northwards migration of fish species due to climate change is four times as fast as the United Nations climate panel has estimated. The omnivorous cod is a climate champion and outcompetes arctic species.

Last changed: 23. February 2018

Want better control with fishing tourism

A new regulatory framework will lead to increased control and management of the fishing tourism industry.

Last changed: 23. February 2018

The service Shared Resources Register

All rescue and emergency workers must have the resource information they need through a secure system.

Last changed: 19. December 2017

Invasive species

Once a foreign species establishes itself in Norwegian waters, it is virtually impossible to get rid of again.

Last changed: 18. December 2017

Open data via BarentsWatch

BarentsWatch collects and develops public information from many of our partners and other suppliers for use in our services and web pages. Most of the data content you find in our systems is available for free, directly from our partners or via BarentsWatch. Here, we have made a summary.

Last changed: 15. December 2017

Efforts continue to boost maritime cargoes

Shifting freight from road to rail and sea has long been a key goal of Norwegian policy. An analysis of the social impact of goods transport provides the first clear picture of which items are suitable for carriage by ship, and notes that incentive schemes are needed to increase maritime freight.

Last changed: 26. August 2016

Strait talk for a safe passage

An automated system of current forecasts has been developed to support secure navigation through Saltstraumen, where the world’s strongest tidal currents create powerful whirlpools.

Last changed: 26. August 2016

Sharing data from unique science survey

Some 100 scientists and technicians involved with a collaborative research expedition on the RV Lance in 2015 are now working on their findings at Norwegian and foreign institutes.

Last changed: 26. August 2016