If you choose to log in to, the login information is stored in cookies. You may receive these cookies associated with






Remembers that you are logged in.

Deleted when you close the browser. If you select "Remember me on this browser," the cookie is retained for 14 days.


Used to secure the login process (against CSRF).


When logged in, login information is also stored in local storage (in the browser).

The Arealverktøy service ( uses the following cookies for both logged-in and non-logged-in users:





Remembers the language the user has chosen.



Remembers whether an information window should be displayed in the next session.


Specifically for logged-in users:


Stores the user's session key so that the user does not need to log in the next time they open the application.



When using BarentsWatch services, settings are stored in LocalStorage (in the browser). These settings include language, night mode, enabled map layers, favorites, etc.

Anonymous statistics on website usage are tracked using Plausible. It does not use cookies or any other persistent storage. No personal information is collected here.