Blue Justice

Norway launched the "Blue Justice Initiative" in 2019. The project is intended to assist countries in combating fisheries crime internationally and the declaration has received support from 61 countries. This is equivalent to nearly 37 percent of the world's coastal states. Most of these countries are developing countries, which will particularly benefit from the new program.

The development-oriented activities in the initiative are primarily followed up by the Nordic office of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), which has offices in Oslo. BarentsWatch is responsible for the service for collaboration against international fisheries crime, called Blue Justice Community. Here, the plan is to expand with a tracking solution displaying AIS data from Norwegian-owned satellites. The digital tool that is now being developed allows operational agencies of different nations to work together to combat cross-border organized fisheries crime. The platform that coastal nations will use is built on services that BarentsWatch has already created nationally to facilitate cooperation between different agencies and public instances.

Learn more about Blue Justice on the project's own website.