FishInfo: Reporting for recreational fishing

Photo: Norges sjømatråd/Johan Wildhagen.

Recreational fishermen can register stationary gear with the Coast Guard in the same way as professional fishermen. To be able to report gear, you must have applied for extended access to FishInfo.

In contrast to commercial fishermen, recreational fishermen are not allowed to see smaller boats with AIS or identification on gear as professional fishermen do. Due to privacy concerns in the open AIS service, fishing vessels under 15 meters and leisure vessels under 45 meters are not displayed.

Apply for extended access to FishInfo:

First create a user via To be able to apply, you must be logged in and have entered and confirmed your telephone number. If you have not done this, it will appear in the application form, with a link to the page where you can enter and confirm the telephone number.

  • Press the "Application form" button in FishInfo.
  • Enter and confirm the phone number if it has not already been done.
  • Complete the application form for recreational fishermen.
  • Connect to a vessel in the application, but only the name of the vessel is required.
  • Submit application form.
  • Extended access is automatically granted shortly after the application is submitted.


Registration of tools can be done in different ways:

  1. Draw positions.
  2. Write positions (can be used if you want to report tools after setting).
  3. Select point in the map.

NOTE: For recreational fishermen, it is not possible to report gear in and out via AIS, as it is for professional fishermen who have a system on their vessels that automatically identifies the vessel's identity.