Joint Operation Tool

This service will provide all participants in Norwegian rescue service with a joint tool for coordinating their own efforts on an operational and tactical level. The overarching goal is to reduce loss of life and health by enhancing the quality and efficiency in executing search and rescue missions in Norway.

This tool is intended to facilitate faster starup of a rescue operation andstrengthencooperation among the various public, private and volunteer players that constitute the Norwegian rescue service. The tool will contribute to a greater degree of shared situational understanding during search and rescue operations.

The request to create a shared support tool for the rescue service came from the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC) early in 2022, based on the notion to build upon the existing Shared Resources Information Repository (FRR) service. Anoperational expert group, representing key players in the Norwegian rescue service, contribute with tprofessional understanding and continuous evaluation of the comprehensive solution during innovation and development. The group consists of representatives from the Police, the Police Academy, the Norwegian Red Cross, the Norwegian People's Aid, the Norwegian Rescue Dogs, the Norwegian Radio Relay League and the Scouts' Emergency Groups.

Read more on the JRCC project page.(In Norwegian).

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