Tool technology - NYTEK

New technical standard requirements were introduced on 1 January 2012 for floating fish farms and for the main elements included in these farms.

Last changed: 16. September 2013


In order to control production, biomass is used to determine the weight of a given volume of fish in fish farms.

Last changed: 16. September 2013

Getting coasts cleaner in Norway

Reduced discharges, clean-up efforts and global chemical bans have improved environmental conditions along many parts of the Norwegian coast. But new toxins are constantly being introduced without knowing about their impact on nature, animals and people.

Last changed: 28. August 2013

Management of Living Marine Resources in the High North

The sub-Arctic waters of the Norwegian Sea and the Barents Sea – are home to some of the world's richest fish resources. 

Last changed: 23. August 2013

The Arctic Council

The Arctic Council is a high-level intergovernmental forum to promote cooperation, coordination and interaction among the Arctic States.

Last changed: 14. August 2013

Species at risk from ocean acidification

As seawater becomes more acidic, less calcium is biologically available. This can cause problems for animals that need calcium in the form of carbonate to build shells or skeletons. 

Last changed: 11. June 2013


The production of Norwegian oil and gas takes place around the clock, throughout the year, involving several thousand people. Safety on the Norwegian continental shelf is strictly regulated and all participants are required to operate in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Last changed: 31. May 2013

Prepared for the unthinkable

Since oil production began in the North Sea in 1971, an oil spill has never reached land. But it could happen. Therefore, Norway has the most comprehensive oil spill response in the world.

Last changed: 31. May 2013

Searching for oil with sound waves

Seismic surveys are used to provide a picture of the earth's crust as it appears below the surface. This is the first step in the search for oil and gas.

Last changed: 31. May 2013

World class energy production

A mere 50 years ago there was no one who believed that there was oil and gas on the Norwegian continental shelf. Today, Norway is the world's fifth largest exporter of energy.

Last changed: 31. May 2013