Terms of Use of the data from BarentsWatch

The data accessible through Barentswatch.no and our services are as a main rule licensed by NLOD license. Please see our guidelines for use of the data.

Most of our map data (WMS/WFS) from BarentsWatch and our partners are available and documented through Geonorge.no.

We process some data after collection to improve the presentation in our services. These data are available through API’s (machine-to-machine) – you can find the documentation at developer.barentswatch.no. This page concerns the terms of usage of these API’s.

BarentsWatch API

Information from BarentsWatch APIs are made available by the Norwegian Licence for Open Government Data (NLOD) (insert https://data.norge.no/nlod/en) unless API documentation specify otherwise.  This implies that the information can be used to all purposes and context given the license limitations. The information might be erroneous and inflict omissions, thus BarentsWatch and the Norwegian Coastal Administrations does not guaranty content nor relevance.


  • You may redistribute content as long as you credit us and the data owner
  • You may use content along with advertisement on web-pages
  • You may use data from BarentsWatch commercially as long as you follow the guidelines


We kindly ask you to us the field “purpose” under “My clients” – “Create new client”. This will enable us to improve our services and contact you if needed.
  • If you use the API commercially, and particularly if you  use a dedicated mail for client we strongly advice to include the following information:
    •  Contact mail not dedicated to person (such as post@... or similar)

    • Contact person name, mail and phone

    • Company

    • Purpose (application or other planned usage): This will allow us to improve our services and justify the data usage to data owners.


It must be clear to end users that data originate via BarentsWatch. All usage of BarentsWatch API in applications shall be marked with the following text and if possible be linked to BarentsWatch:

  • «Data levert av BarentsWatch» (Norwegian)
  • «Data delivered by BarentsWatch». (English)

We do not specify how the text are to be displayed, but it must be clearly visible to end user when using or starting application.

When you make use of data, you must as far as possible link to the representative BarentsWatch service such as www.barentswatch.no/fiskinfo if you use the Fishinfo API.

Each data set will imply different data owners. Information regarding this is available in the API documentation or in the BarentsWatch service user interface for the data. In such circumstances it shall be indicated a similar origin for the data in your application. For instance:

  • Opplysninger om lakselus, rensefisk og medikamentbruk er hentet fra Mattilsynet. (Norwegian)
  • Information about lice, cleaner fish and treatments is provided by Mattilsynet. (English)

Other requirements

  • You are not allowed to develop services that appear as developed by BarentsWatch or our partners.  I.e. you cannot use BarentsWatch as a part of the service name.
  • You cannot change the data content.
  • You are not allowed to use the content in pornographic or racist content, or in we-pages in conflict with Norwegians laws.
  • Please contact us prior to usage of our data in high-traffic scenarios. If you use our data in high-traffic web-pages (or in other ways cause us a high server load) you will be charged server handling fees or similar.
  • For all API content demanding special access (such as detailed information on fishing facilities at sea, i.e. lines, nets and traps in Fishinfo) the data are not licensed by NLOD.

(We would like to credit yr.no, altinn.no and vegdata.no for inspiration to this text.)