Fairways - the sea's road network

The entire Norwegian coast is covered by a standard reference system of various fairway categories.

Last changed: 31. May 2013

Learning more about the north

A total of 30 000 kilometres of seismic data are to be acquired by the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) in far northern waters during the summer of 2012.

Last changed: 27. May 2013

Management plans for marine areas

A good environmental condition shall be ensured in Norwegian marine areas through management plans that are developed and monitored by the appropriate authorities.

Last changed: 25. May 2013

Ship traffic in the Arctic – climate change and new challenges

Climate change has led to reduced ice cover in the Arctic. This allows for increased shipping traffic, and in the longer term perhaps also trans-polar traffic through the international waters of the Arctic Ocean. There are special risks associated with this type of shipping.

Last changed: 25. May 2013

Maritime Law

Maritime law encompasses both civil law, e.g. rules on charter and bill of lading matters, wreck and marine insurance, etc., and public law on e.g. the nationality of vessels and public oversight of ship safety.

Last changed: 25. May 2013

The reporting of accidents at sea

There are requirements toward the reporting of accidents. The subject also describes what must be reported, when it must be reported and to whom it should be reported. 

Last changed: 25. May 2013

Regulations for sea transport

The Ship Safety and Security Act is central to safeguarding life, health, the environment and property during shipping. 

Last changed: 25. May 2013

A decrease in the number of shipping accidents

In 2012 261 shipping accidents occurred in Norway, according to figures the Norwegian Maritime Directorate has registered.

Last changed: 25. May 2013

Search and rescue in the Norwegian area of responsibility

The Norwegian rescue service's area of responsibility is extensive. It extends from 57 degrees north in the North Sea to the North Pole and from the 0 meridian (the border between Norway and the UK North Sea) to 35 degrees east.

Last changed: 25. May 2013

The rescue service in Norway

The public rescue service is organized as a cooperative between a number of government agencies, private and voluntary organizations. 

Last changed: 25. May 2013