Arctic-tjenesten byttes ut

The Arctic service is now closed down and replaced by a similar service; ArcticInfo.

Det er mer enn 3 år siden artikkelen ble oppdatert

The main information sources are continued and more weather, ice and wave information will be added later. In addition to weather information, the reporting schemas for Greenland is still present.

The username from the old version will not be valid and you have to register again.

The new service is located at

You have to register a user an then apply for extended access.

About ArcticInfo

ArcticInfo is a free service provided by the Norwegian Coastal Administration through BarentsWatch. The service is specifically aimed at fishing boats, cruise traffic and research and expedition vessels, which dominate traffic in Arctic areas.

The service contains tailor-made information on Arctic waters based on user needs. Through this service, vessels get access to information in the Arctic from the border between Norway and The Russian Federation to Canada, including the Barents Sea and the North Sea. The service provides maps of sea ice concentration, including drift ice and solid ice weather forecasts, reporting to the Greenland authorities and AIS data that gives an overview of other vessels.