Both crustaceans and molluscs are shellfish. Most crustaceans have five pairs of legs, and the front pair is transformed into claws.
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Crustaceans live on the seabed, and many of them are considered delicacies. Here are some of the most common in our waters:

 Prawn: Delicacy from the bottom of the sea. Two stocks.

 Edible crab: Our most common crab.

King crab: Newcomer in Norwegian waters. Introduced by Russian scientists.

 Snow crab: New species arriving from the north.

 Sea urchin: Actually an echinoderm. Pest or resource?

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Molluscs live from the high tide mark down to several hundred meters depth.

Mussels: Easily accessible delicacy from south to north.

Large scallop: Hiding on the bottom.

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