Fisheries statistics

The Directorate of Fisheries annually compiles large amounts of data from the fisheries and aquaculture industries in Norway. This data is combined in statistics showing the amount of fish caught in areas under Norwegian jurisdiction, and the amount of fish produced in Norwegian fish farms.

The data that is collected, analyzed and systematized is important information for determining the annual quotas. The Directorate of Fisheries statistics services can be divided into three main areas: fisheries, aquaculture and the statistics bank. Under the fisheries(outdated link) area statistics have been compiled that indicate how many fisheries, vessels and permits that are in activity in Norway. In addition, the statistics illustrate quotas and the profitability of the fishing fleet.

On the aquaculture statistics pages(outdated link) you can find data on how much fish (reported biomass) that is present in fish farming facilities along the coast.  There is also information on fish escapes, added value and profitability.

At the statistics bank you can combine information from various sources in the Directorate of Fisheries' databases to create your own tables and diagrams.