Escapes of farmed fish

Escapes from fish farms along the coast are a major challenge for the aquaculture industry, management and the environment. 

Escaped fish, either it is salmon, trout or cod, may have a negative impact on wild populations and the results of genetic interaction between farmed and wild fish may result in less robust wild fish populations.

In addition, escaped farmed fish may carry diseases at the time of escape and thus risk transferring diseases to wild fish. Therefore it is important that all stakeholders work to reduce escapes as far as possible.

Knowledge or suspicion of escaped fish from own or others sites shall immediately be reported to the Directorate of Fisheries (akvakulturdriftsforskriften § 38).

At first, the farmer gives an immediate estimate. When the extent of damage has been established, or a better overview at farmer as to how many fish is missing exist (remaining fish has been counted), the farmer reports the final number to the authorities.