The reporting of accidents at sea

There are requirements toward the reporting of accidents. The subject also describes what must be reported, when it must be reported and to whom it should be reported. 

Serious occupational accident, shipwreck, stranding, collision, contact damage, fire, discharge or threat of discharge must ordinarily normally be notified orally and reported in writing. Reporting of accidents to the Norwegian Maritime Directorate takes place via the Directorate's website.

The shipmaster or shipowner must give oral notice without delay in the case of:

  • loss of ship or life, or
  • significant injury to person, vessel, cargo, property outside the ship or the environment, or
  • occupational accident, even though this is not regarded as a marine casualty, requiring evacuation of the injured, or
  • discharge or probable discharge of oil or harmful liquid substances, hazardous or harmful substances in packaged form, hazardous chemicals or hazardous liquid gases
  • in connection with the operation of ships.


The notification is given to the rescue coordination centre or coastal radio if assistance is needed or there is a risk of spills. If no assistance is needed given the notification is given to Norwegian Maritime Directorate's emergency phone: +47 52 74 50 00 (24h).