Portal to coastal and sea areas

BarentsWatch is a comprehensive monitoring and information system for large parts of the world's northern seas.


By coordinating information and developing new services based on the combination of data, BarentsWatch will disseminate a better factual basis and more comprehensive picture of the activities in, and condition of, our seas  and coastal areas.

The system will make relevant information and services more easily accessible for authorities, decision-makers and general users. This will simplify access to and ensure the exchange of public information.

An open part of BarentsWatch shall be an information portal available to everyone. This was launched in 2012, and is being developed incrementally. The portal has information about topics such as the climate and environment, marine resources, oil and gas, maritime transport and maritime law, among other things. There are also map services, an overview of ports, and news from about 25 partners.

At the same time, work is ongoing on a collaboration system which will have restricted access and be accessible to agencies with an operative responsibility in Norwegian sea and coastal areas (such as the police, customs, the Norwegian Armed Forces, the Directorate of Fisheries, the Norwegian Maritime Authority, the Norwegian Coastal Administration and the Joint Rescue Coordination Centres).

BarentsWatch was established as part of the government's focus on the High North and is located in Tromsø. In 2011, the Norwegian Coastal Administration was put in charge of establishing BarentsWatch. In addition to being a separate project under the Norwegian Coastal Administration, we are also under the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

Information about the ongoing work and devlopment of the project can be found at blog.barentswatch.no (in norwegian).

Working method:

  • BarentsWatch's prioritised target groups are the public administration, industry, research and education, including users that fall under our future priorities.
  • The development shall be user-driven, and it is user needs that are the basis for the development of services supported by BarentsWatch.
  • BarentsWatch organises meetings in which different user groups present their needs for information and services. Cooperation with the users is crucial for good collaboration and innovation.
  • BarentsWatch shall use the positive advantages our partners and users represent. Additionally, our own competency shall be used to develop services that are attractive to the partners, and in collaborations nationally and internationally.