National Ports Directory

Detailed information about ports and harbor facilities along the norwegian coastline. An overview for people on the sea and the shipping companies.

This overview provides detailed information on port and quayside facilities for people at sea and shipping companies who are planning to call at a port or harbour.

In collaboration with Norwegian ports and the Norwegian Coastal Administration, BarentsWatch has prepared the National Ports Directory.

This overview is an important source of information about ports and harbours in connection with the planning and implementation of calls there. This service meets the needs of the crews of vessels at sea, representatives of shipping companies on land, commercial users of ports, the media and administrative bodies.

The overview includes:

  • Contact and factual information from the port and harbour owners.
  • Links to the websites of ports and harbours, webcams, maritime traffic regulations, price lists and other key information.
  • Information on capacity, water depth, seabed conditions and quay length.
  • Map services.
  • Amenities such as shore power, fresh water and waste management.
  • Maritime weather forecasts from
  • Search for Norwegian ports by facilities/capacity.
  • Possibility to download/print out information about every port or harbour in PDF format.

Extensive cooperation

To ensure that users can find correct and detailed information, assistance has been provided by every port and harbour. The overview includes information from ports and harbours along the entire coast of Norway. The information is continually being updated and expanded. 

This national overview of ports and harbours has been prepared in close consultation and collaboration with users, the Norwegian Ports Association, the port employers’ association KS bedrift havn, the Norwegian Mapping Authority, the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the Norwegian Coastal Administration. Each port and harbour is responsible for its own information, and the NCA administers the data. 

The Ports directory can be found here.