BarentsWatch on privacy and cookies

Like most sites BarentsWatch use cookies. Cookies are small data files that are left on your computer so that our services will function optimally. These may be used to store login details, remember settings, or to register what pages the user visits on the site. The information provides an overall statistic which shows the most popular pages and what information the user is looking for. Statistics are an important tool for us to improve our services for our users.

Web browsers are usually set to accept cookies automatically. If you do not accept the use of cookies, you can change your browser settings. Use (Norwegian only) to find out how to reject cookies in your browser.

The cookies that are used are:

  • Status of the log inn and what information that gives you access to
  • The composition of maps and other choices you make before these are stored
  • Google Analytics for gathering information about the use of the site
  • AddThis for monitoring how content is shared

In addition, we have information on the individual cookies that are in use.

User data

Information about registered users and subscribers are not shared with third parties.
Please contact if you wish to delete your user profile