The Norwegian Mapping Authority

Articles written in collaboration with The Norwegian Mapping Authority

Safer shipping in the High North offers mariners a variety of services that are important for safe navigation, accessibility and the environment in the Arctic.

Last changed: 24. February 2021

Seeking the unsullied seaside

Norway’s has one of the world’s longest coastlines. Although their natural condition cannot be described as untouched, its shores offer good opportunities for varied outdoor recreation.

Last changed: 24. August 2016

Several reasons why the sea is rising

A warmer climate leads to higher sea levels worldwide. However, this does not mean that the sea level is rising by an equivalent amount along the Norwegian coast. Tectonic uplift also plays an important role.

Last changed: 07. July 2014

National Ports Directory

Detailed information about ports and harbor facilities along the norwegian coastline. An overview for people on the sea and the shipping companies.

Last changed: 03. July 2014

The Norwegian Pilot Guide - Guide at sea

The Norwegian Pilot Guide is a description of the waters of the Norwegian coast, Svalbard and Jan Mayen – and a supplement to nautical charts.

Last changed: 25. May 2013

Norway's maritime borders

Norway's maritime borders are calculated in accordance with UNCLOS, which is an international agreement that regulates all aspects of the use of the sea and marine resources.

Last changed: 20. May 2013