The Directorate of Fisheries

Articles written in collaboration with The Directorate of Fisheries

Escapes of farmed fish

Escapes from fish farms along the coast are a major challenge for the aquaculture industry, management and the environment. 

Last changed: 12. November 2018

Want better control with fishing tourism

A new regulatory framework will lead to increased control and management of the fishing tourism industry.

Last changed: 23. February 2018

Invasive species

Once a foreign species establishes itself in Norwegian waters, it is virtually impossible to get rid of again.

Last changed: 18. December 2017

Achieving a sustainable fishery

Seafood ranks as Norway’s second-largest export industry. To maintain this sector, the country must manage its marine natural resources sustainably and keep its seas clean and productive.

Last changed: 24. August 2016

Establishing risk in Norwegian aquaculture

A risk assessment of the national fish farming sector has been commissioned by the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries to back its management of this industry. But much more needs to be learnt.

Last changed: 11. July 2016

Charting farmed fish health

An interactive map produced by BarentsWatch for its Fish Health service charts important indicators for the physical condition of stocks in Norway’s aquaculture industry.

Last changed: 11. July 2016

Analysing across agencies

Technical solutions from BarentsWatch are set to help an analysis unit at the Vardø vessel traffic service (VTS) centre in northern Norway with exposing illegal activity on the high seas.

Last changed: 05. February 2016

Cooling clashes through collaboration

Norway may have extensive sea areas, but conflicts nevertheless arise over their use. Co-existence is vital if several industries are to exploit the potential of these waters.

Last changed: 05. February 2016

Reducing Marine Debris

Debris in the ocean stems from both terrestrial sources and boats, with plastic and fishing gear components representing the most serious threats to animal life. Efforts are being made, however, to clean up and reduce the amount of litter that reaches the ocean.

Last changed: 20. January 2016

Fewer vessels in the Norwegian fishing fleet

There has been a considerable drop in the number of fishing vessels since 1995. The biggest decline has been noted mainly among the smallest vessels.

Last changed: 16. September 2013