Norwegian Environment Agency

Articles written in collaboration with Norwegian Environment Agency

Invasive species

Once a foreign species establishes itself in Norwegian waters, it is virtually impossible to get rid of again.

Last changed: 18. December 2017

Seabed pollution can spread more widely

Discharges of environmental toxins mean that the sea bottom in and around many Norwegian ports and fjords has become very polluted. These substances can be absorbed by fish and shellfish, and represent a threat to living organisms.

Last changed: 25. August 2016

Environmental impact of oil and gas activities

The petroleum sector is the largest source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Norway. Efforts are being made to develop improved methods to monitor the industry’s impact on marine life.

Last changed: 25. August 2016

The future of the seas

Many questions concerning the impact of pollution, acidification and climate change on the world’s oceans remain unanswered. Much research is need to understand the collective and individual impact of different human activities on the marine environment.

Last changed: 24. August 2016

Achieving a sustainable fishery

Seafood ranks as Norway’s second-largest export industry. To maintain this sector, the country must manage its marine natural resources sustainably and keep its seas clean and productive.

Last changed: 24. August 2016

Looking after lengthy shores

Norway has the second-longest coast in the world. With a rich fauna and flora, it is in good environmental shape. But some Norwegian shore areas are heavily affected by human activity.

Last changed: 24. August 2016

Seeking the unsullied seaside

Norway’s has one of the world’s longest coastlines. Although their natural condition cannot be described as untouched, its shores offer good opportunities for varied outdoor recreation.

Last changed: 24. August 2016

Cooling clashes through collaboration

Norway may have extensive sea areas, but conflicts nevertheless arise over their use. Co-existence is vital if several industries are to exploit the potential of these waters.

Last changed: 05. February 2016


There is a wealth of bird species in Norwegian waters, ranging from the small dovekie to the great black-backed gull and the plunge diver the northern gannet. Some breed in bird cliffs, while others use Norway as their winter habitat.

Last changed: 21. January 2016

A Variety of Protected Areas along the Coast and at Sea

The protected areas along the coast and in the ocean aim to safeguard vulnerable and threatened ecosystems and conserve areas of international, national, and regional value.

Last changed: 21. January 2016