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Species on the move

The northwards migration of fish species due to climate change is four times as fast as the United Nations climate panel has estimated. The omnivorous cod is a climate champion and outcompetes arctic species.

Last changed: 23. February 2018

Want better control with fishing tourism

A new regulatory framework will lead to increased control and management of the fishing tourism industry.

Last changed: 23. February 2018

Invasive species

Once a foreign species establishes itself in Norwegian waters, it is virtually impossible to get rid of again.

Last changed: 18. December 2017

Salmon lice

Along with various diseases, the salmon or sea louse represent one of the biggest challenges to fish health in Norway’s aquaculture industry.


Last changed: 11. July 2016

Establishing risk in Norwegian aquaculture

A risk assessment of the national fish farming sector has been commissioned by the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries to back its management of this industry. But much more needs to be learnt.

Last changed: 11. July 2016

A Variety of Protected Areas along the Coast and at Sea

The protected areas along the coast and in the ocean aim to safeguard vulnerable and threatened ecosystems and conserve areas of international, national, and regional value.

Last changed: 21. January 2016

Better Fishing through Research

By improving on today’s fishing gear, the research collaboration CRISP seeks to make fisheries more sustainable.

Last changed: 20. January 2016

Precautionary advice about seismic activity

The Institute of Marine Research provides several hundred consultation responses to seismic survey applications annually. The Institute's precautionary approach is to advise against seismic activity in active spawning areas and in concentrated spawning migration routes. 

Last changed: 07. July 2014

The ice edge – a vulnerable place with lots of life

As the ice melts and moves northwards in the Arctic spring, a productive band teeming with life is created in an otherwise nutrient-poor sea.

Last changed: 07. July 2014


This project gathers data about fish stocks in the Barent Sea. 

Last changed: 16. September 2013