Maritime transport

Fairways - the sea's road network

The entire Norwegian coast is covered by a standard reference system of various fairway categories.

Last changed: 31. May 2013

Maritime Law

Maritime law encompasses both civil law, e.g. rules on charter and bill of lading matters, wreck and marine insurance, etc., and public law on e.g. the nationality of vessels and public oversight of ship safety.

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The reporting of accidents at sea

There are requirements toward the reporting of accidents. The subject also describes what must be reported, when it must be reported and to whom it should be reported. 

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Regulations for sea transport

The Ship Safety and Security Act is central to safeguarding life, health, the environment and property during shipping. 

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The national pilotage service

Nationwide the Norwegian Coastal Administration has just under 290 active pilots, stationed at 18 pilot stations.

Last changed: 25. May 2013

A tool to improve maritime safety

AIS (Automatic Identification System) is a key tool in maritime safety and response efforts along the Norwegian coast. The system is used in rescue operations and to prevent shipping accidents and acute pollution.  

Last changed: 25. May 2013

AIS displays status report at sea

AIS (Automatic Identification System) is an information system that helps the coastal state of Norway to maintain a good and effective response service along its coastline. The NCA operates the system on behalf of Norwegian authorities. 

Last changed: 25. May 2013

The NCA's notification and information services

The NCA operates notification and information systems for the registration and tracking of ship-related information, with a particular focus on information relating to hazardous or polluting cargoes. The services also includes information that contributes toward maritime safety.

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The Norwegian Pilot Guide - Guide at sea

The Norwegian Pilot Guide is a description of the waters of the Norwegian coast, Svalbard and Jan Mayen – and a supplement to nautical charts.

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Securing ports

Port Security means that ports and port facilities must implement a minimum of security measures to enhance security for ships in international traffic and port facilities serving such ships.

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