Law of the sea

Rights and responsibilities in the Arctic

While Antarctica is a land area and governed by a designated treaty, the Arctic Ocean is an ocean surrounded by national states. Although parts of the Arctic Ocean are covered by ice, the Law of the Sea applies in full in this area as in the other oceans of the earth. 

Last changed: 20. May 2013

The obligations of coastal states

Norway has an important tradition for scrupulous implementation and compliance with the obligations of coastal states on its continental shelf and own zones as well as flag state obligations for Norwegian vessels.

Last changed: 20. May 2013

New challenges in the Law of the Sea

An alliance between developing countries, the EU and environmental organizations wants a new international agreement for the conservation of biodiversity at sea in areas beyond national jurisdiction. This raises new and interesting issues in the law of the sea.

Last changed: 20. May 2013

International fisheries negotiations

Approximately ninety percent of Norwegian fisheries involve stocks which Norway manages along with other coastal states. The parties' fishing quotas are allocated in negotiations. 

Last changed: 07. May 2013