Maritime transport

Efforts continue to boost maritime cargoes

Shifting freight from road to rail and sea has long been a key goal of Norwegian policy. An analysis of the social impact of goods transport provides the first clear picture of which items are suitable for carriage by ship, and notes that incentive schemes are needed to increase maritime freight.

Last changed: 26. August 2016

Strait talk for a safe passage

An automated system of current forecasts has been developed to support secure navigation through Saltstraumen, where the world’s strongest tidal currents create powerful whirlpools.

Last changed: 26. August 2016

Analysing across agencies

Technical solutions from BarentsWatch are set to help an analysis unit at the Vardø vessel traffic service (VTS) centre in northern Norway with exposing illegal activity on the high seas.

Last changed: 05. February 2016

Enhancing wave alerts

Warnings of cross seas have been added by BarentsWatch to its wave forecasting service, making travel by sea off Norway even more secure.

Last changed: 20. January 2016

Special forecasts for waves

Wave forecasts for particularly vulnerable areas help us to decide whether it is safe to be at sea.

Last changed: 11. July 2014

National Ports Directory

Detailed information about ports and harbor facilities along the norwegian coastline. An overview for people on the sea and the shipping companies.

Last changed: 03. July 2014

Getting more freight off the road onto the sea

The Government is keen to switch more freight transport from road to sea. Transporting freight by sea is energy-efficient, causing relatively low greenhouse gas emissions.

Last changed: 16. September 2013

Satellite-based AIS

The AISSat-1 satellite keeps its eye on shipping traffic in Norwegian and international waters.

Last changed: 16. September 2013

Fairways - the sea's road network

The entire Norwegian coast is covered by a standard reference system of various fairway categories.

Last changed: 31. May 2013

Maritime Law

Maritime law encompasses both civil law, e.g. rules on charter and bill of lading matters, wreck and marine insurance, etc., and public law on e.g. the nationality of vessels and public oversight of ship safety.

Last changed: 25. May 2013