The ice edge – a vulnerable place with lots of life

As the ice melts and moves northwards in the Arctic spring, a productive band teeming with life is created in an otherwise nutrient-poor sea.

Last changed: 07. July 2014

Fewer vessels in the Norwegian fishing fleet

There has been a considerable drop in the number of fishing vessels since 1995. The biggest decline has been noted mainly among the smallest vessels.

Last changed: 16. September 2013

Fishing - Norwegian-Atlantic cod

Steady rise in cod stocks.

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This project gathers data about fish stocks in the Barent Sea. 

Last changed: 16. September 2013

Fisheries statistics

The Directorate of Fisheries annually compiles large amounts of data from the fisheries and aquaculture industries in Norway. This data is combined in statistics showing the amount of fish caught in areas under Norwegian jurisdiction, and the amount of fish produced in Norwegian fish farms.

Last changed: 07. May 2013

Fisheries Development Cooperation

Norway is a major fishing nation with responsibility for large ocean areas and important fish stocks. Experience from our long history of fisheries management has for decades been passed on to developing countries so that they can develop and exploit their marine resources in a sustainable manner.

Last changed: 07. May 2013

International fisheries negotiations

Approximately ninety percent of Norwegian fisheries involve stocks which Norway manages along with other coastal states. The parties' fishing quotas are allocated in negotiations. 

Last changed: 07. May 2013

Allocation of fisheries resources

The point of departure for an individual vessel quota is a TAC (Total Allowable Catch) or total quota that Norway negotiates with other countries on an individual stock. 

Last changed: 07. May 2013

No borders under water

"There are no borders under water," a famous submarine captain stated a few years ago. And that's quite true when it comes to fisheries management in our waters. Norway shares almost all fish with other countries, and they swim in and out of the various countries' zones. 

Last changed: 07. May 2013

Norwegian fisheries management – does it work?

It is a recognized fact that the world's fish resources are not being managed in a sustainable manner.

Last changed: 07. May 2013