Fish diseases PD and ISA

Infectious viral illnesses cause substantial losses for Norway’s aquaculture sector in addition to the damage inflicted by salmon lice.

Last changed: 11. July 2016

Cooling clashes through collaboration

Norway may have extensive sea areas, but conflicts nevertheless arise over their use. Co-existence is vital if several industries are to exploit the potential of these waters.

Last changed: 05. February 2016

A Variety of Protected Areas along the Coast and at Sea

The protected areas along the coast and in the ocean aim to safeguard vulnerable and threatened ecosystems and conserve areas of international, national, and regional value.

Last changed: 21. January 2016

Reducing Marine Debris

Debris in the ocean stems from both terrestrial sources and boats, with plastic and fishing gear components representing the most serious threats to animal life. Efforts are being made, however, to clean up and reduce the amount of litter that reaches the ocean.

Last changed: 20. January 2016

Precautionary advice about seismic activity

The Institute of Marine Research provides several hundred consultation responses to seismic survey applications annually. The Institute's precautionary approach is to advise against seismic activity in active spawning areas and in concentrated spawning migration routes. 

Last changed: 07. July 2014

Several reasons why the sea is rising

A warmer climate leads to higher sea levels worldwide. However, this does not mean that the sea level is rising by an equivalent amount along the Norwegian coast. Tectonic uplift also plays an important role.

Last changed: 07. July 2014

The ice edge – a vulnerable place with lots of life

As the ice melts and moves northwards in the Arctic spring, a productive band teeming with life is created in an otherwise nutrient-poor sea.

Last changed: 07. July 2014

Getting more freight off the road onto the sea

The Government is keen to switch more freight transport from road to sea. Transporting freight by sea is energy-efficient, causing relatively low greenhouse gas emissions.

Last changed: 16. September 2013


This project gathers data about fish stocks in the Barent Sea. 

Last changed: 16. September 2013

Getting coasts cleaner in Norway

Reduced discharges, clean-up efforts and global chemical bans have improved environmental conditions along many parts of the Norwegian coast. But new toxins are constantly being introduced without knowing about their impact on nature, animals and people.

Last changed: 28. August 2013