Emergency preparedness, rescue (SAR)

Increasing safe navigation in the Arctic

The Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA) has established a new digital information service for vessel traffic in Arctic areas.

Last changed: 09. July 2020

The service Shared Resources Register

All rescue and emergency workers must have the resource information they need through a secure system.

Last changed: 19. December 2017

Ready to help

The commitment among seafarers to assisting comrades and neighbours in trouble has always been strong, and has a long history.

Last changed: 22. January 2016

Better data boosts crisis management

Ensuring that operational units have access to information on available resources, who owns them, and their location, capacity and availability will be crucial in an emergency.

Last changed: 19. January 2016

SARiNOR - Enhanced collaboration on preparedness

A measure to enhance efficiency and capacity in search and rescue operations in the High North.

Last changed: 07. July 2014


The production of Norwegian oil and gas takes place around the clock, throughout the year, involving several thousand people. Safety on the Norwegian continental shelf is strictly regulated and all participants are required to operate in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Last changed: 31. May 2013

Prepared for the unthinkable

Since oil production began in the North Sea in 1971, an oil spill has never reached land. But it could happen. Therefore, Norway has the most comprehensive oil spill response in the world.

Last changed: 31. May 2013

A decrease in the number of shipping accidents

In 2012 261 shipping accidents occurred in Norway, according to figures the Norwegian Maritime Directorate has registered.

Last changed: 25. May 2013

Search and rescue in the Norwegian area of responsibility

The Norwegian rescue service's area of responsibility is extensive. It extends from 57 degrees north in the North Sea to the North Pole and from the 0 meridian (the border between Norway and the UK North Sea) to 35 degrees east.

Last changed: 25. May 2013

The rescue service in Norway

The public rescue service is organized as a cooperative between a number of government agencies, private and voluntary organizations. 

Last changed: 25. May 2013