Tool technology - NYTEK

New technical standard requirements were introduced on 1 January 2012 for floating fish farms and for the main elements included in these farms.

Last changed: 16. September 2013


In order to control production, biomass is used to determine the weight of a given volume of fish in fish farms.

Last changed: 16. September 2013

Growth for fish farming – and its problems

Norway’s aquaculture industry is expanding fast. Its biggest environmental impacts take the form of escaped farmed salmon and salmon (sea) lice.

Last changed: 19. May 2013

Norwegian aquaculture

From hobby to an advanced biological industry.

Last changed: 07. May 2013

Important sources: fish farming, agriculture and waste water

Norwegian coastal waters can be divided into four main areas: the Skagerrak, the North Sea, the Norwegian Sea and the Barents Sea, with different levels of nutrient inputs.

Last changed: 02. April 2013

Eutrophication still a serious concern

Eutrophication in coastal waters and fjords in Norway is caused by discharges of nutrients from fish farming, runoff from agricultural areas, and inputs from industry and municipal waste water treatment. 

Last changed: 02. April 2013