The Fishhealth service updated

A better overview of the areas and locations that are of interest to you. In addition, users can see all types of ships visiting facilities.

Last changed: 11. December 2020

Escapes of farmed fish

Escapes from fish farms along the coast are a major challenge for the aquaculture industry, management and the environment. 

Last changed: 12. November 2018

Species on the move

The northwards migration of fish species due to climate change is four times as fast as the United Nations climate panel has estimated. The omnivorous cod is a climate champion and outcompetes arctic species.

Last changed: 23. February 2018

The future of the seas

Many questions concerning the impact of pollution, acidification and climate change on the world’s oceans remain unanswered. Much research is need to understand the collective and individual impact of different human activities on the marine environment.

Last changed: 24. August 2016

Salmon lice

Along with various diseases, the salmon or sea louse represent one of the biggest challenges to fish health in Norway’s aquaculture industry.


Last changed: 11. July 2016

Establishing risk in Norwegian aquaculture

A risk assessment of the national fish farming sector has been commissioned by the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries to back its management of this industry. But much more needs to be learnt.

Last changed: 11. July 2016

Fish diseases PD and ISA

Infectious viral illnesses cause substantial losses for Norway’s aquaculture sector in addition to the damage inflicted by salmon lice.

Last changed: 11. July 2016

Charting farmed fish health

An interactive map produced by BarentsWatch for its Fish Health service charts important indicators for the physical condition of stocks in Norway’s aquaculture industry.

Last changed: 11. July 2016

Cooling clashes through collaboration

Norway may have extensive sea areas, but conflicts nevertheless arise over their use. Co-existence is vital if several industries are to exploit the potential of these waters.

Last changed: 05. February 2016

Algae – Part of the Mariculture of the Future

Natural resources are lying in wait along the entire Norwegian coast, but the use of algae for animal feed, fertilizers, and pharmaceuticals is still in the research phase in Norway.

Last changed: 21. January 2016