Both crustaceans and molluscs are shellfish. Most crustaceans have five pairs of legs, and the front pair is transformed into claws.



Crustaceans live on the seabed, and many of them are considered delicacies. Here are some of the most common in our waters:

 Prawn: Delicacy from the bottom of the sea. Two stocks.

 Edible crab: Our most common crab.

King crab: Newcomer in Norwegian waters. Introduced by Russian scientists.

 Snow crab: New species arriving from the north.

 Sea urchin: Actually an echinoderm. Pest or resource?

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Molluscs live from the high tide mark down to several hundred meters depth.

Mussels: Easily accessible delicacy from south to north.

Large scallop: Hiding on the bottom.

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