Norway manages some of the world's largest fish stocks together with other countries around the north east Atlantic. Many species migrate to the Norwegian coast to spawn. Other fish species use Norwegian waters as their pantry, while they spawn outside Norwegian waters.

Here is a list of the most common fish species in Norwegian waters.

  • Cod - Our financially most important wild fish. Five stocks.
  • Haddock - The “real” fish and chips fish. Two stocks in our waters.
  • Saithe - An underrated delicacy. Two stocks along the Norwegian coast.
  • Herring - “The silver of the sea” plays a key role in the marine ecosystem.
  • Mackerel - Restless swimmer. Two species in our waters. 
  • Capelin - Small smelt with great significance in the ecosystem. 
  • Blue whiting - Uses the Norwegian coast as its pantry. 

Display one distrinution map for all the most common fish species.

There are numerous other fish species in Norwegian waters. Read more about them on IMR's topic pages.