Norwegian Food Safety Authority

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority (NFSA) is a governmental body, whose aim is, through regulations and controls, to ensure that food and drinking water are as safe and healthy as possible for consumers and to promote plant, fish and animal health. Our regulations cover ethical keeping of animals and encourage environmentally friendly production. We also regulate and control cosmetics and animal health personnel. Our broad expertise is employed to stimulate and improve our field.

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority’s role is to draft and provide information on legislation, perform risk-based inspections, monitor food safety as well as plant, fish and animal health and provide updates on developments in our field and plan for emergencies.

Articles from Norwegian Food Safety Authority

The Fishhealth service updated

The Fishhealth service updated

A better overview of the areas and locations that are of interest to you. In addition, users can see all types of ships visiting facilities.

The salmon louse. Photo: Thomas Bjørkan/Creative Commons.

Salmon lice

Along with various diseases, the salmon or sea louse represent one of the biggest challenges to fish health in Norway’s aquaculture industry.


Archive photo: Norwegian Food Safety Authority.

Fish diseases PD and ISA

Infectious viral illnesses cause substantial losses for Norway’s aquaculture sector in addition to the damage inflicted by salmon lice.

Archive photo: Linn Røkenes/Norwegian Seafood Council.

Charting farmed fish health

An interactive map produced by BarentsWatch for its Fish Health service charts important indicators for the physical condition of stocks in Norway’s aquaculture industry.

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