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The University of Tromsø (UiT) is the Northern Cap's largest educational and research institution. As the world's northernmost university, it is natural for us to develop new knowledge about this region's nature, culture and society. Our main tasks are research and academic and artistic development, education and dissemination of knowledge. The University of Tromsø is a general university covering all types of subjects, and you can choose from over 100 different courses.

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Cod off the coast of Finnmark. Photo: MAREANO.

Species on the move

The northwards migration of fish species due to climate change is four times as fast as the United Nations climate panel has estimated. The omnivorous cod is a climate champion and outcompetes arctic species.
The RV Lance research ship embedded in pack ice north of Svalbard. Photo: Paul Dodd/Norwegian Polar Institute.

Sharing data from unique science survey

Some 100 scientists and technicians involved with a collaborative research expedition on the RV Lance in 2015 are now working on their findings at Norwegian and foreign institutes.



There is a wealth of bird species in Norwegian waters, ranging from the small dovekie to the great black-backed gull and the plunge diver the northern gannet. Some breed in bird cliffs, while others use Norway as their winter habitat.

Algae – Part of the Mariculture of the Future

Algae – Part of the Mariculture of the Future

Natural resources are lying in wait along the entire Norwegian coast, but the use of algae for animal feed, fertilizers, and pharmaceuticals is still in the research phase in Norway.

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