The Norwegian Coastal Administration

The NCA is a national agency for coastal management, maritime safety and preparedness against acute pollution. The NCA must provide services in accordance with policy decisions, allocations and orders. The NCA works actively towards safe and efficient maritime transport through safeguarding the transport industry's need for accessibility and efficient ports. The NCA prevents and limits the harmful effects of acute pollution, and contributes to the sustainable development of the coastal zone.

Articles from The Norwegian Coastal Administration

The service Shared Resources Register

The service Shared Resources Register

All rescue and emergency workers must have the resource information they need through a secure system.

Photo: Port of Alesund.

Efforts continue to boost maritime cargoes

Shifting freight from road to rail and sea has long been a key goal of Norwegian policy. An analysis of the social impact of goods transport provides the first clear picture of which items are suitable for carriage by ship, and notes that incentive schemes are needed to increase maritime freight.

Current forecasts benefit seafarers seeking to pass through the Saltstraumen strait. Photo: Tommy Andreassen, (Bodø).

Strait talk for a safe passage

An automated system of current forecasts has been developed to support secure navigation through Saltstraumen, where the world’s strongest tidal currents create powerful whirlpools.
Photo: Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA).

Analysing across agencies

Technical solutions from BarentsWatch are set to help an analysis unit at the Vardø vessel traffic service (VTS) centre in northern Norway with exposing illegal activity on the high seas.

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