The Norwegian Meteorological Institute

The Norwegian Meteorological Institute is responsible for public meteorological services for civilian and military purposes. The Institute must work to ensure that authorities, businesses, institutions and the population at large have the best possible opportunity to secure life and property, for planning and for environmental protection.

The Institute's tasks are to:  

- forecast weather

- study the Norwegian climate and provide climatological explanations

- operate the meteorological observation network in Norway, adjacent seas and Svalbard

- conduct sufficient research and development to resolve academic and practical tasks

- provide services to the civil aviation authorities

- disseminate the results of its work

- take on assignments and provide special services for public and private interests

- participate in international meteorological cooperation

The Institute currently has three offices in Norway: Oslo, Bergen and Tromsø. We have a staff of about 440 employees. In addition, we fund around 330 observers all over the country.

Articles from The Norwegian Meteorological Institute

Safer shipping in the High North

Safer shipping in the High North offers mariners a variety of services that are important for safe navigation, accessibility and the environment in the Arctic.

Increasing safe navigation in the Arctic

Increasing safe navigation in the Arctic

The Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA) has established a new digital information service for vessel traffic in Arctic areas.

Cod off the coast of Finnmark. Photo: MAREANO.

Species on the move

The northwards migration of fish species due to climate change is four times as fast as the United Nations climate panel has estimated. The omnivorous cod is a climate champion and outcompetes arctic species.
The RV Lance research ship embedded in pack ice north of Svalbard. Photo: Paul Dodd/Norwegian Polar Institute.

Sharing data from unique science survey

Some 100 scientists and technicians involved with a collaborative research expedition on the RV Lance in 2015 are now working on their findings at Norwegian and foreign institutes.

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