The Directorate of Fisheries

The Directorate of Fisheries was established in Bergen in 1900 and is the government's advisory and executive body for fisheries and aquaculture management in Norway.

The Directorate of Fisheries must help to fulfil the Ministry of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs' overall goal, which is to ensure the framework conditions for profitable and sustainable fisheries and aquaculture and other marine-based industry.

The directorate has its own vision, an overarching goal and a role description accordingly.

Articles from The Directorate of Fisheries

Escapes of farmed fish

Escapes of farmed fish

Escapes from fish farms along the coast are a major challenge for the aquaculture industry, management and the environment. 

Catching a big fish can be a truly magnificent holiday experience. Now there are new rules for better control of the fishing tourism industry. Illustration photo: Visit Vesterålen / NordNorsk Reiseliv.

Want better control with fishing tourism

Deep sea fishing is an activity on the rise, but today we do not know how much fish tourists take out of the country. Starting next year, a new regulatory framework will enter into force that will lead to increased control and management of the fishing tourism industry.
The king crab has now also become a tourist attraction.

Invasive species

Once a foreign species establishes itself in Norwegian waters, it is virtually impossible to get rid of again.

Achieving a sustainable fishery

Achieving a sustainable fishery

Seafood ranks as Norway’s second-largest export industry. To maintain this sector, the country must manage its marine natural resources sustainably and keep its seas clean and productive.
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