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The king crab has now also become a tourist attraction.

Invasive species

Once a foreign species establishes itself in Norwegian waters, it is virtually impossible to get rid of again.

 Photo: Per Kristian Aagaard/Jotun.

Seabed pollution can spread more widely

Discharges of environmental toxins mean that the sea bottom in and around many Norwegian ports and fjords has become very polluted. These substances can be absorbed by fish and shellfish, and represent a threat to living organisms.

Environmental impact of oil and gas activities

Environmental impact of oil and gas activities

The petroleum sector is the largest source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Norway. Efforts are being made to develop improved methods to monitor the industry’s impact on marine life.
Photo:  Lauritzen og Westhammer/Norwegian Seafood Council.

The future of the seas

Many questions concerning the impact of pollution, acidification and climate change on the world’s oceans remain unanswered. Much research is need to understand the collective and individual impact of different human activities on the marine environment.

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